Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome to Vintage Market!

Hello, we are so happy to introduce our new business adventure!  We hate to see "cookie cutter" decor, we know there is more options than what is on the shelves at the big department stores.  It is time to break out and try something new, perhaps....trash?  That's right, we do all of the dumpster diving and thrift store digging for you.  In fact, we love it!  It's a toss up what we love best about Vintage Market...either the hunt for the project or the satisfaction that comes from a beautifully restored piece.  One thing for sure is that our pieces are hand finished and truly are one of a kind. The Vintage Market Girls are always searching for good deals so we can pass them on to you.  Thanks so much for picking us...we are sure to have a piece just for you. 

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