Sunday, October 10, 2010

FALL "Clear out the Garage" Sale

I have been a busy lady trying to get some things finished for a show we did in Idaho Falls last week.  When I came home, I realized how big my collection was getting.  SOOO, lets clear out for new stuff!  I am seriously marking down.  So without further ado, here are my (YOUR) treasures!
Benches: $30   Pink/Blue/black cushion chairs: $25   Antique rolling coffee table: $30   Black Fleur table: $30  Red childs rocking chair: $20  Pink paisley chair: $20  Hand Painted Modern Dandelion Dresser (MY FAVE) $150.  Black Table with distressed top: $40. 
ALSO, in previous posts, why not mark these down too:  navy rolling chair $25, light green bench $15,  SEXY back chairs $60 for pair (thats crazy!)

Vintage MARKET Girls

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  1. Wished I would have seen that mirror sooner!! Loved it...guess I'll have to settle for a bench for now!!